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Hudson K’s lead songwriter and composer, Christina Horn, never expected to dive into electronic music production with the same vigor she attacked her classical piano degrees with. Hours of obsessive attention to detail in songwriting and programming have induced a sonic landscape that is elaborate, danceable, and widely more colorful than the solo acoustic piano she began with.


Comparisons to Phantogram and Siouxsie and the Banshees make sense. Hudson K has evolved into electro-synth rock with energized and often extravagant stage shows. Horn, accompanied by Nate Barrett on drums, performs with an army of keyboards and a keytar. Hudson K has recently incorporated visual elements to their set via projection mapping.


“Hudson K doesn’t stick to any one mode. From danceable pop jams to keyboard-heavy power ballads and almost prog-metal romps, the group moves beyond the synth-rock categorization it assigns itself.”

~Caroline Jones Washington City Paper

Vocals, Synths, Ableton / Christina Horn

Vocals, Drums / Nate Barrett

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Ouroboros and the Black Dove

by Hudson K